fiber_new With the increasing popularity of mobile games, where should console game and PC game go?

Published on May 27, 2020 mobile game, console game, ps4, pc, xbox, switch

Human technology is expanding as fast as the explosion. In only a hundred years, the level of human technology has entered the Internet era, and even can be called the era of big data and artificial intelligence.

Mobile phones have long been an indispensable part of people's lives. Even iPhone has begun to make larger screen mobile phones to meet more and more people's needs.

Human laziness is the original intention of the development of science and technology. People are more and more used to operate on a small screen rather than a complex set of devices.

You may have noticed that except for some professionals who are still using computers, such as programmers. People hardly spend more time on computers. Even editing and sending emails can be perfectly replaced by mobile phones.

As the data shows, mobile games have occupied a considerable market share unconsciously. Almost all the well-known online games are planning and even have released game versions running on mobile phones.

But are these phenomena enough to show that mobile phones can replace the market position of other platforms?

I'm afraid it's not that simple.

Although major game manufacturers have launched mobile versions of games, the core business is still to produce high-quality PC and console games.

A high-quality game, from the image quality, performance, capacity, experience, interaction, business environment and other links, needs strong enough equipment to support, all these factors are not a small mobile screen can carry.

First of all, the screen size of the mobile phone is a limitation, a small screen can not accommodate particularly complex game scenes, which requires the design of the game itself to make corresponding planning and design for the mobile phone, even a mature game company, which is also a very difficult challenge.

Secondly, the operation mode of mobile phone is not suitable for complex games. We all know that a game that is complex enough can attract players for a long time, but a mobile phone that only uses two thumbs to operate obviously does not have a good interaction experience.

In addition, capacity, power and performance are also bottlenecks. The future development direction is that mobile phones are becoming lighter and thinner, which requires that all components in mobile phones should be smaller, including batteries, CPUs, mainboards, loudspeakers, cameras, etc., which limits the performance of hardware and performance.

Although mobile games can help players to play games in their spare time to some extent, on the other hand, they limit the quality of the game itself. Developers have to abandon some important experiences to deal with mobile devices.

We can predict that in the game market, a variety of devices may be added, such as VR, AR, mobile devices, and somatosensory devices, but in a short time, if people want to experience the game better, they still need to use PC, PS4, Xbox, switch and so on.

When we really leave the PC and console, we don't have to worry too much, which means there must be a device that can perfectly carry game content.

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