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Published on May 28, 2020 teenagers, video game, FIFA, NBA 2K

If you have a teenager, or if you're a teenager, you can't get away from the sensitive issue of playing games.

We all know that no child can resist the temptation of games. Moderate games can develop children's intelligence, improve their brain agility, and even improve their sense of teamwork. But if your child is addicted to the game for a long time, it will be a very terrible signal.

So it's a global question whether we should let children in their adolescence play games.

Games are human nature. Children start to learn knowledge and skills from various games from birth. Parents often use games to tell their babies how to interact with their surroundings.

And video games will have a stronger sense of substitution, it completely isolates the real world and the virtual world, so that children can immerse in the virtual world to complete some cool things that the real world can't do.

It all seems to be positive and healthy, but addiction is a huge problem.

Some children spend a lot of time in video games every day, no longer go out to play, no longer call their friends, even when eating are absent-minded. This has seriously affected the physical and mental health of children in their adolescence.

So why are children addicted to video games?

Psychologists have studied this phenomenon and concluded that some teenagers use games to escape from reality.

If a child in adolescence has social fear, depression, anxiety, loneliness and other emotions for a long time, then he is likely to cause internet addiction.

The more serious consequence is that if these children get satisfaction through violence, deception and other means in the game, then they have a great possibility to use this means in real life, what a terrible thing!

If your child is in this situation, as a parent, you need to actively communicate with the child, understand the child's emotions and mentality, and guide his psychological world in a friendly way.

This belongs to the field of psychology. If we can make family more harmonious and life more interesting, then games are no longer demons.

Here are some suggestions:

1. Take more children to the outdoors, try to travel, expand children's vision

2. Communicate with children effectively and guide their emotions in time

3. Accompany children to play healthy games

4. Choose games with better themes to develop children's potential, such as FIFA and NBA 2K

Of course, games are not only for children, but also for adults. As long as healthy and reasonable play games, the game will bring more fun to life.

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