fiber_new Have you ever fantasized about making a game yourself?

Published on May 29, 2020 making a game, PS4, PC, Steam

Well, you may think it's a little difficult, but it can't be denied that everyone who loves Games has the idea of developing their own games.

A fact is that the development of the game really needs to have certain development ability and technical preparation. Although there are some tools that they claim can help you make a game easily and quickly, often the final result will not satisfy you.

Let's talk about the general process of making a game. If you are particularly keen on making games, try to spend some time learning programming. As long as you don't give up, you can also realize your dream in the end.

First of all, you need to master a basic development language and tools, whether unity or cocos, or other technologies. In a word, you need to know at least and write some code alone.

If you have some image processing technology, it's even better. Video games can't do without a large number of pictures. Whether it's character material or map material, a large number of pictures are needed as materials. If you have the skills in this field, it will greatly improve the efficiency of game development.

Background music and game sound effect are also very important elements, but I believe it is difficult for you to produce a complete set of game music independently. At this time, you can search the free game audio resources in Google, maybe you can find a good alternative.

You also need to master some knowledge of the database, which can ensure that the data generated in the game can be stored in a stable place and can be called at any time.

If you have the above abilities, Congratulations, you have the hope to complete a game independently. But you still need to be careful to consider some more important factors.

First of all, you need to determine which platform your game is running on, PC? PS4? IOS? Android? This is very important. You need to give priority to this issue before you can prepare the development technology mentioned above.

The next question to consider is whether your game supports online multiplayer networking? If so, then you need to learn some additional network technology. If you only support single player games, you don't need to be so troublesome, but you still need to abide by some rules of the game platform, such as steam.

Finally, you need to consider your game type, for example: RPG, third person shooting, sports games, MoBa and so on.

When all the conditions are met, you can really start to enter the production stage! The duration of this phase depends on the size and complexity of your game.

The game making process described in this article is just a basic introduction, and each process involved is more complex in practice than you think.

So when we play a good game, we can imagine its production process. Every game developer is worthy of respect.

Finally, look forward to one day you can really make a good game.

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