fiber_new Online games are so developed, why do you still like to play stand-alone games?

Published on May 31, 2020 Online games, stand-alone games, FC, PC

Are you still playing stand-alone games? You should know that the Internet has been popularized all over the world. Every country has many excellent games, especially online games.

Remember our first FC game? Simple equipment has opened the door of our game, we began to know and love the joy brought by the game.

With the popularity of PC, a variety of PC games have emerged. At the same time, many excellent game production companies have emerged. Even excellent individual developers can make shocking works.

We can spend hours playing video games. It's the fun of most people to choose a game and go through customs repeatedly. There are even some players with good skills, who constantly hone their skills and challenge their own customs clearance records.

We thought those single player games would be enough for us to play for the rest of our lives, but the development of technology caught people by surprise.

Online games are born!

Although the initial online games were rough in terms of quality and content depth, the new social experience that never existed quickly captured a large number of players.

Players begin to explore and integrate into online games, and find their own team in the game, challenge boss with netizens, and compete with people in the whole game to rank the game. What a crazy thing.

With the popularity of online games, game companies quickly found business opportunities. For a while, numerous online games of various types appeared in the market, and the most happy ones were the vast number of game players.

With the passage of time, the players also found the problem, that is, the boring and repetitive task mechanism in online games, as well as countless game activities every day, making the players tired physically and mentally.

A large number of low-quality online games began to occupy the market, leaving players dazzled, not knowing which game they should invest their precious time in.

This is also a problem for most players. Then began a strange phenomenon, single game seems to have quietly improved, players have turned around to embrace single game again, experience the original joy of the game.

Compared with online games, stand-alone games have many less social functions, but their advantages are still obvious:

1. High quality and rich content

2. Free time distribution, not led by the game

3. Can experience wonderful plots repeatedly

4. Can collect achievements

5. Can pursue better operation experience

The market for single player games will never disappear, but the fact is that its market is shrinking. Smart game development companies have quietly added a lot of social elements, although they still can't recover the lost users.

Both single game and online game have their own advantages. Players also have the right to choose freely, so the initiative of which games to play is still in the hands of players.

So do you like to play computer games or online games?

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