fiber_new Why do some people like to play horror games?

Published on June 1, 2020 horror games, fifa, wow

First of all, not everyone likes horror games.

So why do people like horror games?

Terror can keep the brain awake, stimulate the spirit to secrete adrenaline, which can make people excited.

Even if we haven't played horror games, we have heard some classic series of horror games, such as silent mountain and biochemical crisis.

The rhythm of the horror game is often very compact, and the plot develops very fast, which makes the players constantly frightened in the tense and exciting process of the game. The players control the characters of the game to avoid and escape, and show no strength to fight back in front of the powerful boss.

In addition to sensory stimulation, horror games often have another excellent feature, that is, the plot is wonderful, and even some high-quality horror games have a strong sense of social satire.

This allows players to quickly immerse themselves in the story of the game in addition to continuous sensory stimulation, and then be led to the final result by careful logic, while the outcome of a good horror game is usually not disappointing.

It's really hard for some naive players to understand why people are exposed to terrorist things. They don't understand why people want to confine themselves in a dark and narrow game space and enjoy the feeling of fright.

But it seems that this can be explained objectively in science.

Psychologist John Mayer explains that fear forces you to focus on the present, forgetting the worries and pressures of the real world. It's like an eraser, erasing the distractions in your mind.

In other words, people are generally full of pressure in real life. If these pressures are not released, people's emotions and spirits will also have great problems over time.

Horror games can help people release pressure, and force people to focus on the screen through fear and tension. Often after the game is cleared, players can still maintain their horror for a long time.

If you are not brave enough, please don't worry. It doesn't mean you have some problems. Playing horror games is only a small part of the players' choice.

If you just want to mediate stress, there are more healthy and up-to-date games to recommend to you, such as FIFA and wow.

Life is really boring sometimes. We need some stimulation to mediate the pressure and boredom of life. Games provide us with competitive, epic, confrontation and other methods, which can enrich our spare time life.

I hope that every gamer can find a suitable game field and type, and don't force himself to play horror games. But if you are brave enough, try the horror game. It will bring you some different experience.

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