fiber_new With 5g network, will VR games become popular?

Published on June 2, 2020 5G, VR, FIFA, WOW

VR is not a new word in people's eyes. Google, Microsoft, Sony and other giants have invested a lot of capital to develop VR.

However, due to the limitation of devices and the ecological impact of VR itself, the market of VR has never developed, and the network is a large part of the reason for failure.

The movie "Ready Player One" gives people more hope. The game world depicted in the movie, the unparalleled virtual world close to the reality, once again ignites people's expectation and enthusiasm for VR.

It is believed that many people have bought cheap VR eyes, which is not a VR device in fact, but uses two lenses with radians to simulate 3D perspective.

The real VR device itself is very complex, so if you want to experience a smooth VR game, you need to buy a high configuration VR device, but that's a considerable cost.

But now, 5g network appears suddenly. It can be tens or even hundreds of times faster than 4G network. What does this mean?

This means that the devices connected with 5g no longer need to bear huge pressure and performance, only need to carry a 5g chip and connect to the network. The cloud processor far away in the sky will help you render very complex pictures, and the fluency is amazing!

If 5g appears, it can reduce the hardware cost of VR equipment and only focus on the development of game ecology. Then the developers who join quickly will develop the game at a faster speed. Finally, the VR ecology will become more and more perfect, and the benchmark level game will be born.

Imagine how exciting it would be if FIFA and wow were copied in the VR world and the players were completely immersed in the game world! You can even imagine Messi running in front of you! The scene in "Ready Player One" is not imagination, it will become reality in the end.

Of course, we are only discussing the application of VR in the field of games. There are various more valuable fields that need VR support, such as exploration, archaeology, architecture, design and other fields, which will bring better development because of 5g and VR.

VR is more important for business.

As ordinary gamers, we don't need to worry about what changes VR and 5g will bring to us. We just need to look forward to the moment when the game field changes dramatically.

I hope 5g and VR can integrate well, create more creative things, and make our life more scientific and creative!

Looking forward to that day.

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